Hi, I’m Hitaf

I’ve spent 8 years helping people adopt healthier lifestyles, stop obsessing over weight loss yet losing weight healthily.

I believe that food is a necessity, and enjoying every meal you eat is the healthiest thing to your soul.

My concept is to enjoy being healthy without counting or cutting calories, and depriving yourself from your favorite meals.

I promise you that you’ll be amazed by how much you’ll be energized, satisfied and in control of your body.


Professional Bio

  • Hitaf has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Lebanese International University, graduated in 2010,
  • She has accomplished her internship at Al Zahraa University Hospital in 2011.
  • She completed her Master’s degree in Business Management from AUL University in 2014.
  • She holds a University Diploma in Quality and Healthcare Management from LGU University in 2014.
  • Since 2016 till now, she actively participates in nutrition, sports, and food safety management training workshops to stay up-to-date.


Personal Story

I was suffering from childhood obesity, and that struggle continued to shape my adolescent years, and my life till now. Growing up with the title “the fattest child in class” made my self-confidence at bay.

It was an everyday torture to dress up and go out of the house, until the moment I was introduced to Nutrition! I decided to major in nutrition and dietetics, and that was a turning point in my life. Not only to help myself grow out of that problem, but to help everyone else who is struggling with weight loss, and negative body image.

My message to all of you, please don’t judge people based on their appearance, don’t bully children or adults just because they’re different, accept that not all people have the genes or the ability to have a perfect body, because there is no perfect body.

And to you my dearest chubby beautiful audience, DO NOT let celebrities, friends, even your family, make you feel anxious about your body or image, because we have to believe that beauty comes in all different sizes, shapes and forms! What we have to do is to be HEALTHY.